"Night Below is a boxed Dungeons & Dragons campaign adventure, written by Carl Sargent in 1995. Since it came out, it has been played by hundreds, maybe thousands of gamers world-wide. It is now considered a classic; it was reissued due to popular demand in 1999.""***

Welcome to my Night Below campaign, set in the Forgotten Realms. Using the links below you will be able to follow along with the adventurers as they brave the hazards of the UnderDark. All the details I can muster from the game will eventually find their way here: Handouts, group composition, treasure lists, and accomplishments will be posted to this page, so check back each week to see what new things appear.

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***This quote was taken from the excellent web page "Illuminating the Night Below" by David Ross. Please go and take a look at it! (that is, unless you are one of the players in my game that is...Here be spoilers! So no peeking!)